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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birthdays! Good or Evil?

Yesterday was my birthday, my 37th and while I did not have an epic gala, make any speeches or use a magic ring to dissapear, I thought it was rather good. So I got to thinking about what a birthday needs to be to be a success and why so many people put birthdays in the evil category.

To begin my day well I had my keurig brew ready! I know it sounds simple but that one little thing...not having to clean the filter and refill and wait...started my day in a way that I hoped would set the precedence.

Kids off to school, etsy orders and errands...blahbidy blah. A birthday is yet another day and maybe there is something to that saying about have low expectations (or realistic anyway) and never being disappointed.

It may just be me but then I went to the gym...did the hamster wheel for 9.5 miles then did the weight room for 20 mins or so...and left feeling like the most powerful birthday girl on the planet! Many people make the excuse that a gym membership is too expensive but when compared to the litany of junk we buy I think it's a great bargain! It's unlimited and you can take a hot shower there as long as you like.!

Then my favorite meal...ok maybe I have several favorite but it def top 5!

Hubby Lou

Christmas Lights Island Style

A winter walk on the beach!

Hope it's not too horrible but that is sand on my toes in December!!!

One Year Wiser! Good!

Why is it that some consider growing older...evil....? In the words of my beloved Mae West...
"You only live once, but if you do it right....once is enough!"

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