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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ha what an overacheiver I claim to be...

Do you know that person who you invite over for a friendly game night who is super annoying because they take Scattergories way to seriously...well sadly that is me...but I am in a several step program since having cleared a chess board with my arm...sadly it wasn't an accident.  See I am on the road to recovery!  Anyway... yesterday I computed the amount of miles I thought would be good for my countdown clock challenge..!  Apparently I am competing against me and upped my miles above the maximum threshold by 100.  Stupid,stupid,stupid!  And today is my day off many miles can I claim for P90 yoga...there has got to be at least .15 running in place, no?

I have also decided that my corgi will run 200 of those miles with me and I might even get the hubby to commit to a number.  He must really hate that.  I am always signing him up with stuff like that.  He's such a good sport though and I'm sure he will rise to the challenge!  Going to add those countdowns later this evening...stay tuned...

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