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Monday, December 12, 2011

A New Christmas Tradition

Luckily I was raised in a house full of holiday traditions. I've come to love them and am disappointed when as an adult one of them (such as cutting down the tree) doesn't fit into our schedules the way it had in the past.

One year my Christmas cards were so time consuming I only finished half the I've got a deadline set by the hubby so as not to alienate the people who might unintentionally be the victim of such a thing.

This year we started a new tradition... touring the neighborhood for the beautiful and sometimes gaudy decorations!! While it was probably annoying to the other drivers as we drove along at a snails pace and maybe somewhat creepy to the homeowners as we pulled up in front of their house, lingered, took photos and then drove off... We thought it was the perfect way to spend an hour!

A few of the special houses... I think the first house is owned by a distant relative of the Griswolds!

Good work on the trees!!! 

My favorite...I bet there is amath whiz in this house! 

Honorable mention!

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