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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coming out of the holidays coma.

Yesterday was the first run in 7 days. With the bulging disc, the itb and the Christmas season it was easy to skip a run, then another etc. Probably was good for my nagging injuries but the mind, the patience, & the energy was starting to deteriorate.

Hard to stare at this mug with the morning Joe and not get out there and run! A wonderful Christmas gift from a great friend!
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I told myself I would take it easy after the marathon but then I thought that was a crappy idea. Why work so hard to get to that level and then purposely lose it.

Stretch complete with Corgi coach and little stretch buddy!

I'm not physically healthy enough to run the long runs but there is no good reason I can think of to quit I ran a quick 5k yesterday 25:14 (quick for me) after a weight session of chest and tricept.  And today seemed like a good day to keep the momentum going.

The result was a 6 mile run in the 8:40's with little pain! Shoulders and Bicepts in the weight room.

Don't know if I should go back to the every other day longer runs or the 5/6 days of smaller runs?

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