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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I need a new gadget clock about a mileage challenge clock...wanna do it with me?

Since my marathon clock on the right hand side has run its course ( I swear that just happened, no cornyness intended)!  Now the countdown it does is kind of is basically saying" hey it's been a month since you did something great...oh and it will only get worse as the days accumulate". 

So I have been thinking about all the OCD things I could get.  Countdown til planting time, target weight clock (OMG that sounds worse than my backward marathon clock).  So I don't just throw on a Christmas countdown clock...plenty of time for that right, I decided to set a mileage goal and count backward.  It will begin now...why cause I'm an adult and adults can do anything they want (that is a line from the classic Christmas story The Ref)!

I will update the clock  and to prove I'm an honest Abe, I will hook up the garmin through The Daily Mile & upload my miles when not at the gym.  If my word isn't good enough (while at the gym) I could ask whatever person is on the treadmill next to me to sign off...but that might get weird so you'll just have to trust me on the gym days!

So now the question many miles is crazy enough for the year 2012 (plus this week of course)! Ok so here comes the boring math part, feel free to take a power nap...52 weeks running a goal of 25 per week results is 1300 miles for the year...while running every other day results in 180 running days with an average run of 5 miles will get you to 900 my goal will be somewhere in between...I like moderation...

365 days a year...running every other day or approximate per week?  Stay tuned...suggestions and comments welcome!

Found this Countdown to the opening of "The Hobbit"...feel free to duplicate!

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