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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last run of 2011..first run for my ticker!

At 11:00am on Dec 31st in New Jersey it probably should not be close to 60 degrees but today as I set out for my last run in 2011 it was. I can't imagine ending the year on a better note. The sun was shining and my injuries appear to be on the mend!!! 6 pain-free miles!!! What a wonderful thing. There is not much that is more frustrating to me (and I assume most runners) than having the will but not the health. But doing the right things, stretching, listening to the pain and stopping before it's bad, good nutrition, enough sleep, and meds when necessary...are what have helped me! There are some really helpful videos on runners world for itb stretches on a side note.

While I ran I thought about all the other times I passed those landmarks and how each run was a little different even though I had done that route so many times before. How lucky I felt and how grateful I am to have the opportunity...even on those crappy days where my legs felt like two lead refrigerators filled with scorpions.

My hope for the New Year is for people to realize the gifts they have and for those moments to be plentiful!!!

Have a happy and safe new year!!!

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