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Monday, December 26, 2011

Home for Christmas

After all of the traditions come the last tradition for us...being home all day and night on Christmas. It's a full day of family, presents, eating (my sil lasagna...the very best lasagna on the east coast if not the world).

Every year we wait for my husband to get home from the midnight to 8 shift by watching some christmas movies upstairs after a restless few hrs rest. Shae claimed she had to go potty so she could spy the tree! But daddy was home early this year so not too much waiting.

Brunch follows some present opening. Every year I make Tarragon Cherry Cheesecake muffins and Cilantro Chorizo Egg Puff. Some years I wonder if I should change it up but I never do.

People show up throughout the day, we play games, open presents, eat, open presents, eat, play games.

This year my son received a Red Ryder bebe gun in addition to legos and ds games. I must have had a momentary lapse of reason to have agreed to that but so far no eye injuries.

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