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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Question #2-Why are all my zucchinni's rotting before they get big?

Last year my enemies took down the corn this year.  Decided that this year I would concentrate on why zucchini and squash never survive in my garden.  So first I planted a hood around the root...internet says pretty white butterflies lay their eggs at root and the resulting baby (aka disgusting worm-like beast) eat from the inside and zucchini for us!!! I told the kids they were allowed to target the white butterfly with a tennis racquet as long as the death was torture. Ok problem solved...or so I thought.  Now my squash and zuchs are rotting on the vine.

 Why is this gardening stuff so frickin picky.  Can I get a subsidy already.  I spend more in preventitives and additives then I get in saving from growing the dang stuff. 
I'm getting to the answer BTW...My plants it seems have a calcium deficiency.  Not enough milk?
Solution...add lime or egg shells depending on size of garden . 
In the case of lime...Calcium Oxide is what is recommended for immediate results but should be used with caution as it could result in the burning of the plant if too much is used.  To raise the PH of the soil in the long term Calcium Carbonate. 
If using Egg Shells...finely crush and dig around plants to 2 inches. 
Results to follow!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Question 1-How to train your legs to run far?

Signed up for Philadelphia Marathon.  Want to run it in under 4hrs. do I train for that...oh and did I mention I'm not planning on paying for that info.  It's bad enough I just paid $100 to be in pain for 4 hrs.  So I'm following the plan by David Kuehls...4 months to a 4 hr marathon.  Wonder what my chances are of finding a book...4 months to a 3hr 45min marathon.  So I figure if I tweek the info slightly I can get to that figure.  In week two now.  Today is 8 x 400m sprints....2 min recovery jog.  (8:00 sprint...below logic ...changes to 7:31).
In order to cut off 15 min I will need to cut my pace to 8:31 first 20mi (down from 9:00) then 8:51 for the last 6.2. So I am going to push David's nos back 29 secs for each exercise.  Don't try this at home...

it's 3 stooges logic.  But hey it could work...nuk,nuk,nuk

This Blog is for my Twin...Out there...somewhere...and its about Lightbulbs

If you are anything like me...I go to the internet to answer a question at least once a day. Dang that info comes easy!  But for my twin, as I am told we all have one out there somewhere, I've decided to up the ante.  So I will then put the info here and answer all your questions before you think you have a question.  Imagine all the time you'll save.  Oh and for the average Tom/Dick/Sally (all of which might be my twin)...its like having one of those one-a-day calendars but with a seemingly useless fact about something you probably already know.  Ok so maybe I'll add some pictures...of cute purses...wearing sombreros?
Sorry couldn't find one in a purse...but this one has pigtails.