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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Treasury Time on Etsy

Items from my etsy store were featured in three treasuries today so I thought I might put them on here:

Holiday Time

Gifts for writers!

Christmas Gift Tags

Many thanks for the ADD...check them out tons of great stuff!

I hope to get the majority of my presents this year for my friends and family from ETSY.  There are so many wonderfully talented artists there and so many unique gift ideas!

I wonder how many people still have all their shopping left to do...or is it all finished?

On a side note....I vowed to myself that I would take off a week after the marathon and that week comes to an end today.  I think I have gained like 5 lbs this week and I have really enjoyed the time off, but I am excited to get back to exercising. 

I'm not going on any plan but...should I? 

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