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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nows the time to take inventory.

It's dec 27th and in just a few days the calendar will hit the reset button. Since the marathon I have been thinking (well actually I've always been thinking, but as of yet I haven't hit my stride) of how to organize my life to be more efficient. And then I wonder of it's even possible to change my stripes?

I once tried to change myself into a morning person. I set my alarm for five am. I got up in a blissfully quiet house. Ate something before a run(usually I don't have time for fuel pre-run to digest enough to avoid stomach distress). Ran. All before the kids noticed I was gone. The run was peaceful with most folks all snug in their beds. It was a huge success!!! And then 6pm came and I was ready for bed. The two hours until the kids went to sleep were the longest in my life and I barely had the will to fulfill my store orders. I think I slept with my shoes on and needed an extra couple hours sleep to deal with the shock my body went into. I haven't been up at 5 (except on a race day) since!

How many times...I'll start on Monday, no more cookies after (fill in the blank holiday)...well jan 1 is the alt/control/delete on the year unlike all those soft resets that might not have worked.

In the New Year I'd like to:

1. Run more often and injure myself less!
2. Make a 24 min 5k comfortable.
3. Organize my schedule so that I do at least half of the daily crap ahead of time and not the night before( I'm trying not to shoot too high). Sorry children this is def going to mean more chores for them!
4. I think I want to become a better more prepared list maker (ha is that mental to include on a list).
5. Lastly I'd like to catch myself in the act of wasting time, and redirect.

Is it possible to change the things about ourselves that might be genetically determined like going from loving cookies to loving an apple?

How successful have others been at new year resolutions?

What are your hopes for the New Year?

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