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Thursday, December 8, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things!

Sometimes I get excited to go on a run just to use one of my that weird? When I began running I thought there was a beauty in the simplicity of it. Just get your shoes and get out there and run. While I still do believe there is a simplicity to it...I'd be fibbing if I said it was like that for me really.

First thing was finding the right shoes....the journey that never ends! I rotate through 4, yes 4, pair of Asics gel 1160. And yes it has been a journey...and the reason why I have 4 of the same shoe (in different colors of course) is because I have spent money, large money, on shoes that didn't work and thus have adopted a "if it ain't broke" attitude toward my running shoes. I have been to three running stores for assessment, performed the running world water pan trick and spent countless hours filling in feet surveys. This year Asics changed the shoe in a way that my feet didn't like...every year these manufacturers try to improve upon each shoe and tweak it just a now I'm back on the market...stay tuned for exhaustive shoe review!

(And yes my dog has been taste-testing them also)

Can Not live without my Garmin GPS watch! They make them in all several styles to match the needs of the runner or swimmer/triathlete. I use the Forerunner 205. Its an older version and I bought it on Amazon. Not only does it give me all the stats of pace and distance but a good reason why it is one of my necessary running tools is that it is a great motivator! It doesn't yell in a commando voice but it stores data allowing me to see improvement and encouraging me to work just a little bit harder to beat weekly, monthly totals or times! Some of the other awesome handy features...once I got lost on a trail run so I hit up the "back to start" feature and it told me when to turn to get back to start uh WOW! Before Garmin I tracked the distance by car for a few routes through my neighborhood and ran those routes over and over....very boring! 9 times outta 10 you will run less/slower without knowing your pace and distance...not to mention accountability! When its staring you in the face, a 7 mile run is not a 6.35 ok I feel tired run! Oh and I should mention that I have received wonderful customer service from them...kinda wish they sold dryers! My first watch was having issues charging so I called the company and after having a very patient person walk me through some possible fixes that didn't ultimately work, they sent me a new one! Holla!!!! That was over two years ago and my replacement still going strong!

(4 hrs 25mins...Evidence of having run the Marathon!)

New favorite running gadget...Auria Headphones!!! I am a kitchen sink kind of runner as I mentioned or you may have figured out. I run with tons of crap, fuel, water, band aids, some cash for a phone call(even though I'd be hard pressed to find a pay phone), chapstick, iPhone (kind of makes the cash superfluous..and yes I use that word almost every day), tissues, etc I know its a little obsessive...but mostly I need my Iphone! Music is my background to the imagery I look at while running. I sing almost the whole time! When Jay-Z and Rhianna belt out something about running this town...I'm like... no actually I'm running this town!!!! And when I'm doing sprints I put on the fast RPM playlist, and when I'm out for a long run I put on Pandora radio and float on with whatever Steve Miller Band and Lynard Skynard are I've been through my fair share of fact very recently I lost a pair to a car bumper that ate them when I ran too close! I've dealt with every issue and a few really weird ones too (like the aforementioned bumper incident...btw if anyone got video of that it would make great TV)! Well hello my sexy Auria headphones!
1. No slippage and perfect fit that is like they aren't even there! 2. Allow for ambient noise to enter but not to overwhelm...running on well travelled roads it is super important to be able to hear a car approaching from behind or a bike rider or even someone who might want to give you their number! 3. Come in hot pink/ need to say more 4. Come with a clip to clip to your running more bumper disasters. 5. Special slider that allows you to advance or repeat songs with a touch or activate voice control on iPhones!!!! No more having to take the phone out of its cozy home to switch songs or answer the phone...which gotta be 6. you do not need to stop to answer the phone...microphone in the wire allows you to answer, talk and end a call without touching your phone once!!! You can also text with Siri!...Yes I do talk and text while running...doesn't everybody! 7. Volume control slider makes music very loud and clear when you want to turn up the Rocky song...

And I'm sure they have more things that are great but I have a sudden urge to run and use them....

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