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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Jersey Gardening-The Dreaming Phase

Seeing as I don't have enough on my plate...gotta squeeze enjoyment into every second...I have entered into the dreaming phase of my gardening year.  Seeing as the only thing in my garden at the moment is sage...a very hearty herb that is the first to grow and the last to wither...January begins the phase of gardening where anything is possible for the upcoming garden.  All the successes and failures get weighed into my dreaming and calculations begin for what I will tackle in this coming years garden. 

I decided that a greenhouse was the smartest addition to the new this year.  I did ask Santa to bring me one but he insisted that my husband's pleas for no greenhouse were more often and more desperate.   Silly really cause as my husband should know...once I get my mind on something it is almost impossible to change.  And anyway who wants to mow all that grass!

As we have not settled on our current house as our final house I figure I will go with something that isn't permanent and hopefully my father who is very handy will take pity on me and lend me a hand.

PVC based greenhouses seem to be a simple solution for a quick and inexpensive greenhouse. 
Picture from

I also have been busy with the unfortunate result of Christmas in my office...thought I should update ...

Playoff football and my run to get in...Sunday funday!  Hope its a great day for all :)

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