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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Embrace A Life Filled with Serendipitous Moments

Today started with an unexpected oil change appointment, which had a chain reaction as I guess all events in our life do to a certain extent. This is where Serendipity becomes such a magical word. defines serendipitous - adjective 1. come upon or found by accident; fortuitous 2. of, pertaining to, or suggesting serendipity 3. good; beneficial; favorable

The thought that your day begins full of possibility and you could end up somewhere unexpected is something I have chosen to embrace and something I see in my children and perhaps most children. Embrace it and find the good in any situation. This leads to happiness! And if that doesn't work just keep pictures of adorable animals close at hand.

Don't you just want to eat that little guy...I don't mean literally that isn't cute at all...

The plan was to go  to a 9am spin class,however, my husband insisted it was more important to get an oil change....I was miffed at first and I still would like to pretend I am so I can get him to cook dinner...but I decided to play nice and bring the car in.
In my huff I quickly grabbed my running attire and goodies that I never, ever run without and figured I would drop off the car and run near the auto shop until it was done.  Our neighborhood is a pretty suburban one with a house almost every 10ft but lots of 25mph road to run on.  The shop where we take the car is in an older part of town with lovely historical houses but drastically more traffic.

Long story short my run was new today and I loved every new corner, street and passerby...except for maybe that older couple with the cujo like dog.  I think if the dog wanted to eat me it could have snapped the arm of its owner right off...yes it was a yorkie or something like that but very loud like a much larger dog.

And the serendipitous moment came when I turned down this street.  In the very suburban town I'm in this street was anomaly.  Forgotten, old, full of life though and having a dilapidated sort of character.  The sign at the beginning said no outlet and it went on for a mile or so.  It was quiet other than the occasional house and all of the animals...(I must admit I did worry for 20 seconds about bear, cheetahs, angry deer).  This street triggered spontaneous smiling, invoked questions to ponder,  made me a little thirsty (stream on the right looked very cool), and made the miles fly by.  Thank you Serendipity...I will be back

Road hasn't seen much love lately!
Evidence of life!

You can see why I might have been thinking scary animal or ghost mauling might occur...picture like the Blair Witch Project
A long peaceful road in the middle of suburbia :)

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