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Friday, February 3, 2012

Lots on the running until Wednesday!

After being sick comes the catching up (and in my case..sick...catch up, repeat)! Finally this week I was feeling myself again but I haven't updated as some things get left I guess. I managed to get in some consistent , although small, running this week only to be told by my new PT that there will be no running until after I see him next which just so happens to be 5 days from now...and when I followed up his prescription with the inevitable questions...does that mean I can do the elliptical (nada), spin(no), bike (hell no), yoga (not even)...what will I do to de-stress...I already feel overwhelmed...ok so its not that bad. I will try to feel good about the prospect of healing my body and not focus on what I cannot do. And maybe I'll get lucky and it will rain everyday from now until then. And the thought of running pain free is really delicious!...So my sweet pink running gear will remain in the closet until later!

What have I been doing since my last post...well I have been getting lots of Alice in Wonderland designs together for the Noyes Museum. They have an Alice exhibit opening tonight and I am very excited to be a part of their gift shops!

Another exciting thing...when I got home from the PT today there was a package from my husbands cousin who works for Adidas...two shiny new sneaks...only problem is they are too I will have to get larger sizes...but hey I can't wear them until Wednesday around 2 ish so they were just a nasty little temptation anyway!

                                          I'm totally craving these chocolate chip cookies!  Hope I can run next week to burn these babies off!

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