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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A short note about cleaning products.

I will admit freely that I loathe all things cleaning. But in a busy household of 5 people and 2 pets it is always there, distracting me...I have not reached the level of shamelessness to allow total ignorance. On a side note I really do dislike all things chorish (yes that is word). Some people get through it by pretending they are Cinderella, some reward themselves, some have others do it for them (the smartest ones).etc.

Something I've found that helps...aromatherapy. I recently discovered Mrs. Meyers cleaning products. They come in these garden flavors. I haven't actually tasted but I'm sure they are yummy. My two favorites are lavender and honeysuckle...the smell takes over the house and I can almost pretend it's summer.
They are not as all natural as I would prefer but they are biodegradable and they do not have antibacterial...which I do not want. Mrs Meyers, my husband thanks you.

Oh how did that giants picture slip in there?

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