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Friday, October 28, 2011

Question #7 Running...cost/benefit analysis?

Since this is my third fiscal running year, I struck me when my husband said I spent enough on races this year (I tried to add a last minute half...they were giving medals to all finishers....I'm a sucker for a medal).  So when I sat down and thought about it I certainly did spend quite a lot of money on races this year...not to mention all the cool swag they have at the conventions. 
When I entered into this running journey I had no idea that it would be costly.  I thought that running had a lovely simplicity...all I needed was a pair of sneakers and I was out the door!  Some novice I turned out to be.  Turns out you need 4 pairs of sneakers, nice ones...and they need to be replaced fairly often.  Not to mention a GPS running watch, special socks, shorts, winter, summer, belts, packs, fuels, bands, engineered fluids, anti chaffing magic, several boxes of band-aids, chiropractors, a load of Aleve and also some of the good shit(prescription NSAIDs baby), several apps, a gym membership to help with too much running...I know I've left out a good many things too.
So then its race time!  Right now my mania builds from like Volkswagen Bus into a Ferrari.  Season starts out with the confidence booster 5ks and 5 milers...builds to halfs and mud runs... 18 miler end of Sept. and the long races in Nov.  Race fees and hotels oh my! 

I have spent a good deal...but I'd have to say it's money well spent.  All those races are future goals.  Goals that are accomplished, fairly often but not without their pain.  Missing one would be poison to the others. Some are for training, all are for PR, and every one I've managed to finish has been a personal victory!

Well what it comes down to is that without the races there isn't that amazing sense of accomplishment.  I could just run around my neighborhood with some old sneakers I guess, but living is in the details. I guess details are gonna cost ya.

 Its also a great way to include my kids. Its like a mommy scavenger hunt :)

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