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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Blog is for my Twin...Out there...somewhere...and its about Lightbulbs

If you are anything like me...I go to the internet to answer a question at least once a day. Dang that info comes easy!  But for my twin, as I am told we all have one out there somewhere, I've decided to up the ante.  So I will then put the info here and answer all your questions before you think you have a question.  Imagine all the time you'll save.  Oh and for the average Tom/Dick/Sally (all of which might be my twin)...its like having one of those one-a-day calendars but with a seemingly useless fact about something you probably already know.  Ok so maybe I'll add some pictures...of cute purses...wearing sombreros?
Sorry couldn't find one in a purse...but this one has pigtails.

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