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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Question 1-How to train your legs to run far?

Signed up for Philadelphia Marathon.  Want to run it in under 4hrs. do I train for that...oh and did I mention I'm not planning on paying for that info.  It's bad enough I just paid $100 to be in pain for 4 hrs.  So I'm following the plan by David Kuehls...4 months to a 4 hr marathon.  Wonder what my chances are of finding a book...4 months to a 3hr 45min marathon.  So I figure if I tweek the info slightly I can get to that figure.  In week two now.  Today is 8 x 400m sprints....2 min recovery jog.  (8:00 sprint...below logic ...changes to 7:31).
In order to cut off 15 min I will need to cut my pace to 8:31 first 20mi (down from 9:00) then 8:51 for the last 6.2. So I am going to push David's nos back 29 secs for each exercise.  Don't try this at home...

it's 3 stooges logic.  But hey it could work...nuk,nuk,nuk

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