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Friday, March 9, 2012

Health is a Life Long Commitment

Almost into the fourth decade of life, being a woman in a society that values beauty in an almost obscene way...

 The example of Plus size model Crystal Renn comes to mind here

Its an interesting story...check it out here

I have spent so much mental energy on criticizing my body.
In highschool I brought one unpeeled orange for lunch every day. The thought behind that was that I would peel it slowly and the bell would ring as I finished my one orange. Needless to say I shouldn't have been surprised when I fainted during a track meet while running.
After my first child I ate a can of campbells tomato soup for lunch every day at the office where I worked and spent my lunch hour at the personal training center in the same office complex. My weight dropped to 92 lbs and I was excited by my ability to be so thin but when I look back at the pictures I look emaciated.
Two children later I have gained and shed the same 20 lbs repeatedly. And I know my story is the very moderate one.
I just want to love my's just so exhausting to be always thinking about those few lbs. That happiness is the foundation for all other small and large a few years ago I just stopped listening to that nagging self doubt. But I look around at other women all shapes and sizes and see that many of you sadly have not! This is not the part where I say that if you are 50lbs or more overweight that you are perfect the way you are. Too much weight causes health issues seen and unseen and it is time our society stops saying it's ok to be obese. And for that matter allow marketers and companies to make the stuff that doesn't even resemble food to be the most promoted and affordable. But if you are not obese and have some extra weight... stop beating yourself up. Stop beating yourself up and change your lifestyle to a healthier version. While I do not believe we need to be like supermodels there are so many benefits to living a healthy life that any change in that direction will make such a significant difference as long as it's not a fad like eating only grapefruits or bacon.
Most importantly realize that this change is going to be a commitment you make for life...and in order to do that you will be able to include the occasional wine or comfort snack with some planning.
I swear I'm not being on my soapbox but I am happy with myself and I just wish the same for others!
In my next post I'm going to list some of the things that led me to that happiness.

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