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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Question #3 How does a person who doesn't eat red meat, chicken or pork increase protein for marathon training?

It has come to my attention that my diet may be in need of an overhaul to keep up with all this running.  I'm one of those "kitchen sink" I'm incredibly needy and need constant distraction in order to justify the craziness of training to run for 4 hours straight.  So I should mention that since I've increased my exercise so has my weight...wha.wha.what says I?  What am I doing wrong...and my husband can quit it with the "muscle weighs more than fat" lecture.  I haven't lost one pound to running...I'm burning a ton of calories...I don't order a pizza at the 6 mile mark...I don't even like cheesecake.  But I do eat all day long.  I'm always hungry.  So I did some internet digging...all those professors who claim there is a bunch off useless info on this highway..I say boo to you...tons of good stuff, throwing out all stupid textbooks as we speak.  Anywho, perhaps I need to look to my diet said I, to solve this mystery.  So I am looking around and I find out that there is this thing called protein...very important.  Well being vegetarian almost (I do eat fish and eggs.), technically I guess you'd say I'm ovo-lacto-pescatarian...I tend not to get a ton of preotein.  Twin...this is what you need to do...
A List of Low Calorie High Protein Foods
Increase the amounts of  these low cal high protein somewhat vegetarian items...
1. Cottage Cheese 15mg of protein...104 cal per serving
2. Egg Whites  1 c has 26mg protein and only 117 cal
3. Edamame (luckily they have those single serving packs in the freezer aisle) 12mg 120 cal 3.75oz
4. Chickpeas,refried, kidney beans,lentils 8mg protein 100 cal 1/2 c average
5. Tunafish,monkfish,roughy,pout, cuttlefish,clams, crayfish...3 oz 100 cal 22mg protein
6.Skim Milk
7. greek yoghurt
8.quinoa is a good high fiber carb

Any other suggestions????

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